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This page is a resource and reference for users editing this wiki, and especially creating pages or uploading files.

Image Standardization

  • All filenames with spaces or hyphens in them should parse them as underscores. Write species names the way they are written on the official site, e.g. ELEMER (all capital letters).
  • Chroma images should follow the filename template of Color.png. For example, has the filename of Blue.png.
  • Creature images should follow the filename template of Creature_Stage.png if Baby or Juvenile, and Creature_Stage_Color.png if Adult. Examples:
    • -> Knutte_Baby.png
    • -> Knutte_Juvenile.png
    • -> Knutte_Adult_Blue.png'
    • Replace "Juvenile" or "Adult" with "Male" or "Female" if that stage is dimorphic.
  • All item images should follow the filename template of Item_Name.png.
  • NPC images should just be named after the NPC and follow the template of Name.png.
    • In the event of an NPC having multiple images, feel free to append words like "full" for fullbodies, "portrait" for headshots, etc.

Creature Pages

  • All creature pages should follow the example template set by Voidwalker if dimorphic, and Knutte if not.

Delve Pages

Sector Pages

NPC Pages

  • All NPC pages should follow the example template set by Chanti Faust.

Mechanical Pages

  • Pages which describe the game's core mechanics and systems. There is no set template for these; organize them however makes sense.


  • All infoboxes should roughly follow the style and aesthetic of Template:Infobox Creature. Ask a wiki admin for help if you need it.
  • All notice templates should follow the code of Template:Spoiler, replacing only the image and text.

Individual Creature Template

  • For resistances and weaknesses/attacks, follow the style of Template:Resist Knutte, Template:Weak Knutte, and Template:Attacks Knutte. Order weak/resist elements alphabetically. As for attacks, the stronger attack should be placed at the bottom, or sorted alphabetically if the damage of both attacks happen to be roughly the same.

Individual Delve Templates

  • When a new delve appears, three different templates must be made: two for the delve itself, Template:IDLD Enemies and Template: IDLD Boss, and one for individual creature page, Template:IDLD Knutte (do not rename to boss here if it is one). Starting with the former on Project Portal is recommended. Simulated Delve is similar, but ISD in place of ID, for example Template:ISDRR Knutte.
    • Alphabetic: Be sure to order the table alphabetically. Multiple of same species ordering doesn't matter much as long as appropriate info is lined up correctly.
    • Abbreviation: When creating templates for a new delve, abbreviate the delve name into two capital letters. If the abbreviation already exists, add a lowercase letter of the first name, like KrC (Kreekiki Crevice). If the abbreviation is still already taken, add lowercase letter of the second name, for example KrCr.
    • Multiple of same species: Follow the example of Template:IDLD_Knutte for multiple of same species but different colors or conditions such as stats or traps.

Individual Scrap Templates

  • Any new encounters should get their own templates for scraps and their resistances. Follow the name and style formatting in the following examples: Template:VoidwalkerCommonScrap, Template:VoidwalkerRareScrap, Template:VoidwalkerCommonScrapResist, Template:VoidwalkerRareScrapResist. Do not insert line breaks inside the templates; make separate templates if necessary.
    • Note: If the species' name has hyphen in it like Glass-Winged Mew, keep the hyphen in the template name. Same goes for fully capitalized species names like ELEMER.
    • Refer to FRIC Resource List when creating scrap resistance templates, undiscovered scraps still show chroma resistance. List element first, chroma second. See the nowiki template below for example.
    • If the element resistance is currently unknown, paste in the following:
[[File:Unknown.png|25px]] ''Unknown'' [[File:Ruby.png|25px]] Ruby


  • All of a page's categories should be listed alphabetically at the bottom of the page.
    • Template:WIP automatically adds Category:WIP Pages to a page it is placed on, and it will appear before the other categories.
  • The following qualities of creatures should be categorized:
    • Always add Category:Creatures.
    • If the creature was released in the relevant time period, add Category:Alpha Releases or Category:Beta Releases.
      • Alpha is defined as the period of time where only Wymsical was registered on the site, before beta testing started. This was before December 31, 2019.
      • Beta is defined as the period of time in which the closed beta took place. This was between January 1, 2020 to February 13, 2021.
    • Add any categories matching the Rarity, Sector, Grouping, Delves, Standard Variant, and if applicable, Hermaphroditic, relevant to the creature. Do not pluralize the category name (eg use Category:Common instead of Category:Commons).
    • Add a category for the creature's artist.
    • Add a category for the creatures attack elements (Category:Neutral Attacks for instance) and, if Elemental, the creature's element (Category:Fire-Element Creatures).
    • Add a category if the creature was introduced through Limited Pickup (Category:Limited Pickups).
  • NPC pages should have Category:NPCs. If they are members of the IA, they should have Category:Intergalactic Alliance. Categories for the general areas they can be found in should be included, such as Category:Headquarters. Include their artist category.
  • Sector pages should have Category:Sectors, Category:Locations, and their Sector category.
    • Subsector pages should match their parent Sector, replacing the foremost category with Category:Subsectors.
  • Delve pages should have Category:Delves, and either Category:Regular Delves or Category:Limited Run Delves depending on its type. Category:Locations should be included, as well as a category for their Sector.
  • Non-sector location pages should have Category:Locations and, if applicable, a category for their general area such as Headquarters.
  • Mechanical pages should have Category:Mechanics.
  • Pages relating to the wiki more than to Protochroma should have Category:Meta.
  • Pages acting as a user reference or directory should have Category:Reference.
  • All pages containing a template that can be called in another page (such as Template:Infobox Creature) should have Category:Templates.


  • Notices are templates; therefore, they can be added to a page with double curly brackets. Add notices to the start of the page, before content and infoboxes.
  • Add Template:WIP to pages that are incomplete.
  • Add Template:Verify to pages that are missing some information or some need to be verified. Provide the reason in the reason parameter like so: {{Verify|reason=''Write reason here.''}}
  • Use your judgement for Template:Spoiler. Because this is a wiki, most pages will spoil information, therefore it doesn't make sense to add to all pages. Add the template to pages with newly-released content, or which are likely to include said content, such as Creature List.