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Collect creatures with a variety of colours to choose from, and breed them together to make your own fully traceable ancestry trees. Explore and battle alongside your creatures to gather resources and help the research effort. Protochroma receives regular feature and creature updates, and creating an account is free.
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Protochroma is an adoptables game/petsite created and run by Wymsical, a programmer, writer, and artist. It is a heavily sci-fi focused game with fantasy elements, centering around an interstellar organization that has come to the setting, a world designated Planet Chroma, in order to study the signs scattered about the planet which point to a civilization having once existed there.

The player, a field researcher in this organization, is tasked with collecting and raising specimens from the local wildlife for research purposes. The player is able to bring these creatures to explore locales called delves, where they can battle wild creatures and collect items. Non-playable characters exist to aid the player along the way, providing items and services.

The game has features which are planned out but have yet to be implemented; these includes trading, cross-player breeding, and more. The site receives frequent updates in terms of mechanics, quality of life, and creature releases. Join us in exploring Chroma, learning about the creatures which live there, and discovering the secrets that the planet still hides from us!

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Winter Breeding Season 2024
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2024-01-27 20:11:09
Fall Breeding Season 2023
Fall Breeding Season 2023 is on! The Swamped Factory will be generating three seasonal rarity creatures through the end of November 18th 2023. '''Seasonal creatures use separate slots from your reg...
2023-10-15 21:03:13

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