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Petrified Bark, one of the obtainable fossils.
"Plunge into the fissure itself to gather essence and other items. Available rewards regularly rotate."

The Excavation is an activity at the Great Plume where players may gather essences, resources, and occasionally baby creatures through working together or acting solo. Two excavation rounds happen per day, ending at 11:55AM and 11:55PM Server Time.

Rewards differ based on the chosen action and the resulting outcome. The action chosen by the majority will usually bring favorable results compared to those in the minority who chose the other action, though there is also a rare chance for the small minority to get the usual favorable outcome with an extra resource as a bonus instead.


Within the fissure itself are several quarry sites, where field researchers can be seen working alongside archeologists to carefully dig through the earth. It seems that some field researchers have their own goals in mind though, and are in the very same quarries, but working all on their own.

Rotating Essences

Regular Sector essences rotate every week starting on Monday. Seasonal essences are available after their respective seasons for about a month alongside regular essences.

Image Item Duration
Beach Essence Weekly
Canyon Essence Weekly
Cave Essence Weekly
Forest Essence Weekly
Glacier Essence Winter
Marsh Essence Weekly
Meadow Essence Spring
Oasis Essence Summer
Swamp Essence Autumn

Available Creatures

Image Name Rarity
Scale Mimic Common

Available Resources

Image Item Type Action Outcome Value (Demand)
Circuit Board Piece Artefact Solo Poor (1-2) 1 (2)
Group Favored (3)
Fossilized Talon Fossil Solo Favored 7 (11)
Gold Ore Mineral Solo/Group Favored 5 (8)
Iron Ore Mineral Solo/Group Poor 1 (2)
Natural Chroma Shard Reagent Solo/Group Poor N/A
Petrified Bark Fossil Group Favored 7 (11)
Probably A Plant Fossil Solo/Group Equal 4 (6)
Rock Kernel Mineral Solo Poor 3 (5)
Silver Ore Mineral Solo/Group Equal 3 (5)
Twitching Vine Flora Group Favored 3 (5)