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Sectors are locations players can visit for creatures, and if available, Subsectors to gather resources. Creatures found in any Sectors are Wild Caught.

Year-round Sectors

These Sectors are always available throughout the year. Some can be foraged for resources everyday.

Transient Sectors

Transient Sectors are seasonal Sectors, which become available during specific seasons for only a month every year. While a seasonal Sector is available, creatures from there will always breed true. However, when the seasonal Sector closes for the year, they breed true more rarely than Super Rare.


  • Each Sector has a hidden "sky access" value ranging from -1 to 2 depending on how accessible the sky is from within that sector. A value of 2 means that the sky is open and visible, 1 means that the sky is visible but obstructed, 0 means that the sky is not visible, and -1 simply prevents the mechanic from interacting with the Sector at all.
    • This is currently only used to determine the spawn rates of Mobuluma.