Mining Site S

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Mining Site S is a Sector where the player may find Wild Caught creatures. Its associated Delves are Kyanite Corridor and Cave Entrance. It was released on December 27, 2019, but did not spawn any creatures until the Vullux was released on January 9, 2020. This Sector has a sky access value of 0.


Directly north of Headquarters lies a small mountain range. A series of crystal-covered caverns weave their way throughout these mountains, some of which are actively mined for resources. One cave in particular stands out for being infamously dangerous: Mining Site S. This is not because of its terrain—going through it on foot is actually quite easy—but rather because of the wealth of creatures that reside within.

Looking directly into the gaping maw that is Mining Site S’s entrance reveals an open area that branches off into several directions. The shortest branch leads to an underground lake, and it’s in this tunnel that one can find various nests hidden within the natural formations dotting the area.


Species Rarity Baby Image
Fungusmonger Very Common
Gemstealer Very Common
Diamondeye Quartzback Common
Trilopede Common
Selm Uncommon
Tunnelwyrm Uncommon
Updog Scarce
Vullux Scarce
Kreekiki Rare