Chroma Coast

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Chroma Coast is a Sector where the player may find Wild Caught creatures. Its associated Delves are Low Tide, Scrap Pile, and Voidwalker Hangout. It was released on December 27, 2019, at which point it was only spawning Voidwalkers. This Sector has a sky access value of 2.


A black sand beach that’s rife for beachcombing during the day and perfect for stargazing during the night. Colourful tidepools are an area of interest, as well as the waterlogged caves found by the steep cliffside. On top of the cliff some expansive ruins can be seen by the naked eye, but approaching it via land or air is presently a difficult undertaking. Headquarters is working on clearing a path so that researchers can easily reach the clifftop, but it’s anyone’s guess how long that effort will take.

Pockets of nests from various creatures are sprinkled all along the coast, making walking from one end to the other the best way to spot unattended offspring. Going out past waist-deep water must be done with caution, as the ocean floor quickly becomes rocky.


Species Rarity Baby Image
Butterfish Very Common
Glass-Winged Mew Very Common
Horned Tidewatcher Common
Mobuluma Common
Vitrevern Common
Kelpricorn Uncommon
Saltvine Uncommon
Voidwalker Rare
Matmadyur Heimsins Super Rare