Crop Circle Canyon

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The Crop Circle Canyon is a Sector where the player may find Wild Caught creatures. It currently has no associated Delve. It was released on July 13, 2021. Aceranguis, Dontorex, Faurauk, Hecking Nope, Lightcatcher, Long-Nosed Wheel Crab, and Zooming Cometchaser were the initial creatures, which showed up one by one each day with a couple of rest days in between. This Sector has a sky access value of 2.


Travelling north of the mountains that house Mining Site S leads to an expansive locale dubbed Crop Circle Canyon. Rough and rugged badlands whose large canyon doesn’t appear to be of a completely natural origin—when viewed from above, it has a very distinct, intricate shape. It was given its name by the human field researcher who led the first exploration of it. Quite arid, as one would expect, but hardy plants are plentiful around the shallow river that flows through the lowermost levels of the canyon.

Underneath one particular overhang near the bottom of the canyon is an alcove that provides some relief from the sunlight. Making one's way down to it can be a bit difficult the first few times around, but those who learn to navigate the rocky terrain here are able to find the nests of many creatures.


Species Rarity Baby Image
Hecking Nope Very Common
Aceranguis Common
Long-Nosed Wheel Crab Common
Mobuluma Common
Razorshriek Common
Zooming Cometchaser Uncommon
Dontorex Scarce
Falcoraptor Scarce
(Spring, Summer, Fall)
Faurauk Super Rare





  • The Lightcatcher was available to be obtained from Limited Pickup about three months prior to Crop Circle Canyon's introduction.