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FRIC Number





Crop Circle Canyon



Standard Variant


Time Per Stage

30 Hours




Basic Attacks

Wing Slap



Scrap Resistances

Release Date

November 29, 2022



The Falcoraptor is a Scarce creature released on Protochroma. It is found only in Crop Circle Canyon. It has not yet appeared in any Delve. Its standard variant is Silver.



"This is a small, striped gray egg with light texturing to the shell. The outside is sturdy, seeming like it could be dropped from a moderate height and remain intact. When disturbed, sharp tapping can be heard and felt from inside, as if the creature within is responding."


"The hatchling that emerged from such a sturdy egg seems well-equipped to have broken free of the shell without assistance. A large, hard beak with tooth-like protrusions is its most notable feature, and the newborn's bite strength is enough to not only crack its egg, but also to snap any bones it might be given as a treat. It follows its handler incessantly, adopting their mannerisms quickly and even reacting defensively to anything that its handler appears afraid or angry at. Despite clearly being a young predator, it quickly forms a bond with other juvenile creatures it's raised with, and helps those creatures establish a sort of vague hierarchy. Though its raptorial talons and beak could likely corral its "nestmates" into submission, the hatchling is surprisingly gentle with them."


"Falcoraptors are small, social pack predators with a complex hierarchy. Highly intelligent and easily trained by one it sees as dominant to it, these avians have been observed in the wild to use their pack hunting strategy to drive off predators from their nests, including Dontorexes and even young Lightcatchers. They appear to be the natural predators of Aceranguis, displaying an immunity to the snakes' venom and the perfect evolutionary traits to keep them from escaping. Equipped with fantastic clarity of vision to pick out their camouflaged prey, raised switchblade-like claws to pin it down, and a spiked beak to prevent a slithering escape, Falcoraptors are one prominent reason why travel through Crop Circle Canyon doesn't have so many reports of Aceranguis attacks. Able to both run and fly swiftly, very few animals are able to escape a well-coordinated pack in full pursuit."

"Though fiercely defensive of their own species in the wild, this appears to be a byproduct of the tightly-knit packs which these raptors form. Though captive specimens can identify unfamiliar members of their own species, Falcoraptors display disinterest in each other in favor of their handlers and any creatures with which they were raised, seeing them as packmates. They display remarkable emotional intelligence, being highly intuitive and attentive to the emotions of their handlers, and have been known to comfort or even outright act in defense of them. The avians are capable of following complex commands and improvising if a command isn't given. Research is being done into the species' communicative and cognitive abilities, and whether or not they can be considered sapient."

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  • Falcoraptors are based on several concepts:
    • The American kestrel, Falco sparverius, the male of which inspired the Blue variant's colors.
    • The secretarybird, Sagittarius serpentarius, from which the White variant's colors were derived.
    • Small theropod dinosaurs commonly called "raptors", more specifically those in the Troodon genus.
      • By extension, the idea that Troodon could have evolved into a sapient species if given the chance, due to its large brain relative to body size.
    • Aviation and pilots, as well as falconry, from which it derives several aspects of its design, particularly around the head.