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This page is intended to serve as a place for editors to discuss what pages need to be made and how to go about making them. Feel free to add your own section, comment on other users' sections, or work on pages which have been linked here for work. When you feel that the project you started has been completed, feel free to delete it from this page. Please do not delete projects you did not start, unless the information has been added to the target page in full.

When commenting on sections, you can separate your comment from the previous person's by indenting with colons, using one more than the previous person did. If the indents start running off the screen, feel free to reset your indent to one colon. Sign your username after your comment by using four tildes. A non-formatted example:

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Item List

The Item List page should now be complete with all item information currently known to the wiki. Stuff still needed:

  • Supply shop items (only Rare Chromas have been added)
  • Scrap info for Cloaked Shrubstalker, since we still don't know their rarities or descriptions.

Formatting may also need to be adjusted for the tables as we find the best way to layout information. Gathouria (talk) 09:55, 7 June 2021 (UTC)

Damage Output

I'm taking data on how much damage enemies, Tagalongs, and the player can do, and have a lot of data, but not sure where the best place to put this info would be. Since it's a huge chunk of data text, I'll link to what's currently collected. Gathouria (talk) 20:41, 23 May 2021 (UTC)

Shielded, resisted, and super effective damage is all collected separately, which will hopefully allow us to do math to get the base damage for everything and see which way things round in damage math.

New Release Wiki Checklist

New Creature Release

New Delve Checklist

  • New section in Project Portal using any older Delve page as template. The delve table may be pasted in as is until it's time to move them to their own template pages.
  • Test for weakness/resistance on brand new creature encounters, and whether the encounter has higher defense or not (19-25 DPS average neutral attack is normal defense; higher defense about ~16-18, formidable ~8-10.)
  • Gather all possible items in the delve's Available Items table (excluding scraps)

Once that's done:

Other New Content Checklist

  • Limited Pickup for new limited pickups (if it is a brand new creature, label it as such until the species name is revealed)
  • Add any new/additional dialogue to relevant NPC page
  • New NPCs: use any existing NPC page as a template, and update NPC
  • New non-sector locations: Headquarters if applicable
  • Core features/mechanics, such as trading and cross-player breeding
  • Update Release Timeline if the new content update is reasonably substantial