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Because this wiki strives to collect all relevant information on Protochroma, the contents of this page may be considered a spoiler for new players who wish to discover things on their own. You have been warned!

Rarities are the system by which Protochroma chooses how often and how many of each creature to spawn in the Sectors, and is the primary force directing Breeding results. There are seven rarities on Protochroma: Very Common, Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Rare, Super Rare, and Seasonal.

The first six rarities spawn in the normal Sectors naturally. Seasonal creatures only spawn in transient Sectors during their respective season. In-season, Seasonal creatures will almost always produce their own species no matter what their mate is (excepting, obviously, another in-season creature) and are considered to be more common than Very Common. Out of season, the creatures become rare again and stop spawning in their Sector; however, though they breed more rarely than a Super Rare, they may very occasionally produce offspring of their own species.

Very Common

Species Location Baby Image
Butterfish Chroma Coast
Cloaked Shrubstalker Forested Laboratory
ELEMER Forested Laboratory
Fungusmonger Mining Site S
Gemstealer Mining Site S
Glass-Winged Mew Chroma Coast
Hecking Nope Crop Circle Canyon
Kovul Galeful Marsh
Twin-Sailed Skipper Galeful Marsh


Species Location Baby Image
Aceranguis Crop Circle Canyon
Diamondeye Quartzback Mining Site S
Horned Tidewatcher Chroma Coast
Knutte Forested Laboratory
Long-Nosed Wheel Crab Crop Circle Canyon
Lutreo Forested Laboratory
Mobuluma Chroma Coast
Crop Circle Canyon
Forested Laboratory
Galeful Marsh
Razorshriek Crop Circle Canyon
Scale Mimic Great Plume
Trilopede Mining Site S
Vitrevern Chroma Coast
Xirotefani Galeful Marsh


Species Location Baby Image
Barkback Forested Laboratory
Demon Weed Forested Laboratory
Falsehead Viper Galeful Marsh
Kelpricorn Chroma Coast
Saltvine Chroma Coast
Selm Mining Site S
Tunnelwyrm Mining Site S
Zooming Cometchaser Crop Circle Canyon


Species Location Baby Image
Cassidice Forested Laboratory
Dontorex Crop Circle Canyon
Drakilin Forested Laboratory
Dysonette Galeful Marsh
Falcoraptor Crop Circle Canyon
Updog Mining Site S
Vullux Mining Site S


Species Location Baby Image
Kreekiki Mining Site S
Lightcatcher Chroma Coast
Crop Circle Canyon
(Spring, Summer, Fall)
Neon Racer Galeful Marsh
Shadowspewer Forested Laboratory
Voidwalker Chroma Coast

Super Rare

Species Location Baby Image
Faurauk Crop Circle Canyon
Matmadyur Heimsins Chroma Coast
Qidrik Forested Laboratory


Species Location Baby Image
Arthen Wintry Glacier
Cithera Wintry Glacier
Draumera Swamped Factory
Druigoth Wintry Glacier
Fulminifer Elusive Oasis
Lusomna Swamped Factory
Painted Kalak Elusive Oasis
Petalplucker Perennial Meadow
Raeontoru Elusive Oasis
Rambleblossom Perennial Meadow
Tyiling Perennial Meadow
Wendistrix Swamped Factory